Let Her Travel Policy

1) In recognition of the inherent risks of the activity in which the customer will engage, confirms that He/she is physically and mentally capable of participating in the activity. The participation is voluntary and will assume financial responsibility for personal injury, accidents, illness and damage to or loss of personal property as the result of any incident or accident that may occur.

2) If there are any other circumstances including but not limited to riot, political unrest, natural or other disaster, nuclear incident, terrorist activity, and we have to cancel a trip as a result of these circumstances, we will not be able to provide any sort of refund.

3) If the behavior of any trekker is likely to cause distress or harm to themselves, our member of staff or other team members, our LET HER TRAVEL Guide/Staff reserve the right to terminate their trip at any time and they will have to make their own arrangements; we will not be liable for any expenses incurred as a result. We will not entertain any claims arising due to such action.

4) If for any reason you have to leave the trip early, you will not be entitled to a refund. We will not be liable for any expenses incurred to you as a result. However we will try with our capabilities to make the arrangements to a trekker/customer to return to the home safely.

5) In case of any injuries/illness on mountain during a trip/activity, LET HER TRAVEL as a company or our local staffs will not be responsible. We provide adequate human staff support on the mountains to ensure the basic safety of the trekker. The trekker/customer has to bear all the expenses which may arise in case for medical exigency or emergency condition.

6) Let her travel has the complete right to showcase the content such as photographs/ videos shot during the trip on the social media platform and other digital means.

Let Her Travel is a beautiful initiative taken by a young entrepreneur in order to facilitate travel among women.We inspire women to wander the world without any limitations.

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